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The Brown Crayon Project

I aim to establish a baby care brand that provides parents and caregivers with safe, effective, quality solutions that promote the health and well-being of our children with an inspirational message that let's them know they are included, seen and loved. --Selma Idris

Selma Idris, a Sudanese-American mother of two and creator of the product line The Brown Crayon Project, is determined to include children of the diaspora in the global conversations around physical and emotional health.

She had no idea that there were no certified-organic product lines for children of color when she started.

"I was just trying to make luxurious products for my little boys that didn't have GMOs, pesticides and harmful chemicals in them. I wanted to give my kids a fresh start that didn't compromise beauty or safety." --Selma Idris

Selma and her mother, who was present for the birth of both her sons, started making what they needed using old North & East African family beauty recipes at home. But their ingredients were limited and Selma wanted the process and ingredients to be clean and safe, and the results to be consistent. With aisles of organic products across America, she couldn't help but notice that the organic revolution was happening and her boys were not being considered.

With a creative background in brand identity and new product development that spans from pharmaceutical & cosmeceutical, music, film and the arts, Selma started the journey towards products made with love. And with the help and inspiration of a brilliant community of contributors from pediatricians, agriculturalists, coaches and chemists, she began researching and developing quality products for her children, her family, her friends, her community and our people.

Selma's message is inspired by trips to the bookstore searching for soul-nourishing books for her sons, as well as works like Changing Changing and Firebird. Nights spent gathering literature from Ellison to Achebe, music from Motown to Marley, quotes, images, history, current events, and anything she could find to help in nurturing her children's confidence so they know there is a place out there for them amongst the stars. And she is not alone; she travel's with a community of beautiful parents in all the shades and colors of the universe that think and do the same.


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