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About the Founder



Founder, Michelle Dalzon

As the descendant of small business owners, I envision a world where Black brands THRIVE. I had the pleasure of watching my parents run a successful business with limited resources and exposure and still rise. I’ve spent 8 years in corporate america at major media companies such as Time Inc., Turner Broadcasting, and Viacom within marketing/advertising. I truly believe that every experience in my life has led me to my life purpose. 

 My dream is to help as many Black business owners succeed by giving them a platform that connects them to their intended consumer. At theBOM, we are creating a space where Black brands come first and conscious consumers can meet new brands they’re sure to love. My goal is to make sure every Black person has a place to shop within their community FIRST before having to search outside. All of the brands featured on theBOM are of quality and are accompanied by amazing founder stories. I love my community and my hope is that you’ll invest in a Black business today and yourself - leading to the empowerment we deserve.