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Scotch Porter

Transformation is a powerful concept. It's the feeling you get when the barber finishes a fresh cut, removes the cape, brushes you off and hands you the mirror to reveal the cleanest version of you. That feeling is what inspired Calvin Quallis to quit his cushy corporate job and follow his passion for making people feel their best.

Calvin started small, opening a barber shop in his neighborhood, just as his mother had done when he was a kid. From his kitchen, he began experimenting with botanicals and other ingredients that have been clinically shown to be non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, creating products to solve the problems his customers talked about. 

"I’m not a chemist but curiosity got the best of me and my corporate experience groomed me into a pretty good problem solver." --Calvin Quallis

From home, Calvin researched natural products, ingredients, and their effectiveness to treat my customers aliments. Here he developed the first line of handmade products with botanical infusions. They quickly became a hit with the existing patrons. Word spread organically and the barbershop had new customers visiting from neighboring states to purchase products. Scotch Porter was born.


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